How I Wrote a Novel!

I have wanted to write a novel, ever since I learned to read and enjoy books and I have started several, but never managed to get further than the first chapter.  No discipline, you see!

However, then I got inspired.  I read about Richard III, the king in the car park, and I found his story was fascinating, mysterious and controversial.  I read loads of books about him to try to pin him down, but each one raised more questions than it answered.

I also read novels about him – historical novels written from various viewpoints, showing different Richards in each one – only one problem:  I knew how they all ended, and it wasn’t a good end!  Then I read a different kind of Richard novel – a fantasy one involving time travel – it was different and I really enjoyed it but I felt it didn’t go far enough and I decided to write my own historical fantasy of Richard III.  I started it on holiday by myself in Center Parcs (well I did have the two dogs with me!)  The TV wasn’t working so I wrote every evening and aimed for 5,000 words a day – I did it!

Then my sister told me about NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – where you are challenged to write 50,000 during the month of November.  As someone with no discipline this was just what I needed! A deadline!  I’m always up for a challenge and so I put aside the 30.000 words I had already written and wrote another 50,000.  That makes about 80,000 words in all, easily enough for a novel.  But I had not written it in order and now comes the editing process!

Watch this space – I have set myself a deadline of 31st January to have a first draft ready.