My first review!

I have had one review on Amazon for Richard Liveth Yet from Mrs D Penn:  She gave it 4/5 stars!

“Sat up until the early hours reading this last night and finished it tonight! I was intrigued to read of how things would have been if this could possibly happen and finding myself wishing I could be Rose… oh how I wish I could be Rose! The trouble with time travel is that it can be quite complicated and one finds oneself thinking “he wouldn’t react like that” which to be honest, I didn’t think this as often as I have with other similar books. I think it descended into just a list of facts and suppositions at times, with Richard not always reacting as I would have thought a medieval king would on learning of his fate.. But that is just my opinion – how would I know?
I did enjoy this book very much and I found myself quite upset at times reading of what might have been and I am positive that Richard would have been the best King that England hardly had, my only criticism would be that even more detail and description would have been nice about the every day trials and astonishments that Richard would have encountered with his sudden jettison 500 years into the future. He didn’t seem to be phased by the fact that the things he sold were worth £540,000 for example! This would have been a huge kings ransom in the 15th century.
It will take some time for this to leave my head, I am full of sadness and regret that this man was so betrayed in real life and how frustrating that alas we cannot go back and change history”.

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