Editing a First Draft

After I had written the bulk of my novel I had a problem – it was not all written in the right order and some of the chapters had to be moved.  This created the problem of continuity – for example I had my hero, Richard III, allowing the heroine, Rose, to call him by his familiar name Dickon, but after I moved some scenes and chapters around I wasn’t sure whether she either started calling him Dickon before he’s said or still called him Richard after he’s allowed her to be more familiar.  This meant I had to read the whole of it again and note down and change any discrepancies.  This made writing the story seem easy!  But, if you have the same problem, all I can say is persevere.  Tedious though it is, it is worth it!  Of course, if you have enough spare cash, you could hire an editor!  If not, you’ll just have to bite the bullet!


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