A Journey Through the Book (18) – Norway (Nårkampen)

Torstein takes Rose and Richard on a walk up Nårkampen, where they sign their names in a visitor book located on a cairn of stones.

Signpost to Nårkampen


Near the top

Stone cairn at the top of Nårkampen

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A Journey Through the Book (17) – Norway (Up in the Mountains)

On their visit to Norway, Rose and Richard spend most of the time up in a cabin in the mountains.  Here is some of the surrounding scenery that they would have seen.

Mountain path Summer at the lake View from cabin Mountain lake

Richard is fishing!


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A Journey Through the Book (16) – Norway (Gausdal)

Rose takes Richard on a trip to Norway to visit her friend Torstein, who lives in Gausdal.  Here are some pictures of Gausdal

Gausdal view Gausdal View

This is the view  of the other side of the valley from Torstein’s veranda:View across the valley

This is a lovely church in Gausdal:Gausdal Church

And some more views:Picture of rainbow in Gausdal Gausdal  View

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Top 10: Things I’ve Learned About Writing

EM Biddulph

1.   Form a Habit (It’s easier with a routine). Distractions are everywhere. There is always something else to do, somebody you need to talk to, somewhere you need to go. Finding time for writing can be difficult. So it is important to set aside some time on a regular basis. Write everyday (or, at least, as often as you can). Get up early, go to bed late, set aside your lunch hour. Regularly setting aside some time to write can help you to more easily ‘enter the zone’, pick up where you last left off, and more effectively progress to a completed manuscript. It also helps to find a dedicated writing space, if you can.

2.   Reading is Important. Reading helps to expose you to new styles, ideas, inspirations, writers, characters, images, motivations (and motives), descriptions, and more. It keeps your writing and your mind fresh, inspired, and is a…

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A Journey Through the Book (15) – Hot Stuff!

Rose takes Richard, along with some other friends, to the local curry house where he has a new culinary experience!

Picture of the Saffron curry house

The local curry house

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A Journey Through the Book (14) – Rayleigh Town (II)

Richard, being a very pious man, was insistent that he must worship every day and the local church is Our Lady of Ransom Catholic Church which is within walking distance of the bungalow where he is staying with the heroine, Rose.


This is the little bungalow where he answered the door to Rose while wearing a T-shirt that had the slogan ‘ Don’t Believe the Hype’

Picture of bungalow

The ‘Planta Genista’ (Broom) shrub and white rose bush outside Rose’s bungalow


After Richard returned, Rose noticed something odd about the local park, King George V Playing Fields.

Photo of King George V Fields

King George V Playing Fields, Rayleigh

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Significant Date!

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Picture of a depiction of Richard III

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