A Journey Through the Book (13) – Rayleigh Town

Rose brings Richard back to her home town of Rayleigh and he stays with her while they research how to get him back to his own time.  Here are some of the locations in Rayleigh Town that are mentioned in the book.

Photo of Costa Coffee, Rayleigh

Costa Coffee in Rayleigh High Street, where Rose meets Tom Falconer

Photo of the Roebuck, Rayleigh

The Roebuck, where Rose and Richard had a beer and crisps with the dogs, while discussing the events of 1483

Photo of Roebuck, Rayleigh

Another view of the Roebuck

Photo of Rayleigh Library

Rayleigh Library – Richard was astounded at the vast number of books available

Photo of Holy Trinity Chruch, Rayleigh

Holy Trinity Church, Rayleigh, where Rose and Richard attended a Christmas Carol service

Photo of Rayleigh High Street

Hockley end of Rayleigh High Street

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