Introducing: Dominic Smee

Dom Smee is the young man who volunteered to be Richard III’s ‘body double’ in the follow-up Channel 4 Documentary Richard III: The New Evidence.

He was an ideal candidate as his scoliosis was almost Identical to Richard’s.  I was lucky enough to meet him when he and an armour expert gave a brilliant talk about how Richard III would have been armed.  You can read about it here on a Ricadian blog that I occasionally contribute to:  Murrey and Blue

In the novel, Richard Liveth Yet. Richard meets him and has a chat, comparing their experiences, while they visit Leicester.  Here is a picture of Dominic, wearing armour which would have been typical of the time.

Picture of Dominic Smee in armourHe is in the process of writing a book and is also trying to raise funds so he can buy his own custom-made harnees (suit of armour).  If you want to read more about this click here:  The Dominic Smee Armour Fund


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