Introducing: Rose

Rose Archer is a 29 year old divorcee who runs her own osteopathy business from home.  She is independent and feisty at times, but also emotional and unsure.  She became interested in Richard III after watching ‘The King in the Car Park’ documentary and doing some follow-up research.  She loves animals and has two dogs called Jonah and Jubilee when she ‘meets’ Richard while visiting the Major Oak in Nottinghamshire.  At first she doesn’t believe it is really him, but eventually she is convinced and then the journey begins.  I don’t have a picture of Rose so you will have to imagine her.  She is about 5ft 5″ and has green eyes and naturally curly, blonde hair, which she can’t grow long as it curls up too much.  She is not overweight, but curvy and loves her food.  She will try anything once.  She is creative and intelligent, but also emotional; she wears her heart on her sleeve.  Rose loves nature and animals.  She helps Richard to cope with his scoliosis by using osteopathy and teaching him exercises.Picture of spine


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