Introducing: Richard III, by God’s Grace King of England and France and Lord of Ireland

Richard is, of course, the hero of the book (Richard Liveth Yet)  As a Mediaeval king, he struggles at first with the strange new world in which he finds himself when he suddenly travels to the twenty first century.  However, he is courageous and resourceful and curious about new things so, once he accepts what has happens, he stops being afraid and tires to find out as much as he can about the modern world.

He is a deep character and doesn’t always reveal his thoughts, but just because he doesn’t show his emotions doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel them.  And Rose, the heroine, manages to get close enough to him for him to reveal some of them to her – as she was the first person he met in this world, he spends a lot of time with her and grows to trust her.

He still has some ideas which show his ‘age’, for example the way he reacts to a pair of muggers and his fury at certain Hallowe’en customs.  However, he also embraces many new experiences, such as chocolate and libraries!

This is the picture of Richard that Rose painted, showing him wearing the crown commissioned to be used for his funeral.

Picture of a depiction of Richard III


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