Review of ‘Richard Liveth Yet’ on Goodreads

I had a lovely surprise when I found this review on Goodreads, today:

‘I have read numerous “alternate history” stories in years gone past, and many are a bit disappointing. Some take no notice of historical facts and just go crazy. RICHARD LIVETH YET is obviously a very well researched novel and presents a look at the title character that makes him so much more than a historical footnote.

Author Joanne Larner has put her physical location in England to incredible use and while I have not actually visited her corner of the country, I can easily picture just about everything she describes. And that is a key factor in how I rate books. As an author myself I know how vital it is to provide descriptions that lead the reader to picture things, people and actions in your story without dragging them around saying,”Here! This is what you MUST see in your mind!!!”

Larner’s book is a treat to read. I plan to read it again in about a year.

She also includes a monumental Bibliography of her research materials at the end.

I am impressed!’

If you’d like to try it click here: Richard Liveth Yet

Picture of a depiction of Richard III

Cover of my novel – Richard Liveth Yet


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