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I have now had more than twenty reviews on Amazon for Richard Liveth Yet, and luckily most are 4 or 5 stars.  I’d like to share the latest five on here and thank everyone who has reviewed the book. Even the more negative ones are useful (though of course I prefer the good ones!) because they make you reassess your work and help you improve, but you can’t please everyone all the time and not every reader will like your book. Picture of a depiction of Richard III

L. M. Wilson “korcula blue” reviewed Richard Liveth Yet: A Historical Novel Set in the Present Day
A Delightful Surprise at this Well Written Book. Loved it! 6 August 2015
As another reviewer mentioned also, when I began to read this book I felt I was not going to get into it and that it was going to be a kind of chick-lit type of story with a twist. I persevered and soon became engrossed. I found the book, easy to read, a mixture of light-heartedness and sadness too. well researched and I liked the relationship between Rose and Richard, Some reviewers have commented that Richard would not have taken to modern times so easily! Perhaps not, perhaps credibility was stretched a little, but to be honest it wasn’t a problem for me personally as I simply enjoyed the story. An interesting and original addition was to have Rose able to help Richard with his twisted spine because of her job. I liked the fact that the author did not allow her book to become nothing more than a romance. I read of their mutual sense of what they felt was the right way to behave in the circumstances led me to respect the author.The inclusion of all the recent findings, the reburial of Richard, and how he gradually found the truth of what happened to him at Bosworth et al…. again added to the originality and the interest for me.


What if 6 August 2015
Funny and interesting, a nice twist on ‘ what if’

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Something totally different and original 4 August 2015
I am loving this book. It is so beautifully written by an author who knows her subject so well and brings Richard startlingly to life and fleshes him out as a real, three dimensional character, which you don’t always get from some of the historical novels. And for once, it’s so wonderful that he does not have to return to his time to meet the inevitable ending to his story.. there are many of us who would wish Joannes amazing plot could have been the satisfying ‘twist’ to history! My congratulations to such a competent, erudite and imaginative authoress, can’t wait for the sequel! Loved it.


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Light afternoon reading 26 July 2015
Light-hearted historical “romance”, entertaining and obviously well-researched.


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Unusual Tale 23 July 2015
The story of King Richard is pretty well known by now, what with the discovery of his bones at Leicester and the subsequent publicity. This book has the king in the present day, which is a different take on his life. Of course, once he knows what history says happened to him, his return to his own time might make him act differently?

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