Richard’s Playlist (16) – Strong by Robbie Williams

Richard needs to stay in shape if he is to defeat the Tudor at the battle of Bosworth, so Rose takes him to visit the lovely Dalia to do some Pilates, with hilarious results. I chose the song title ‘Strong‘ for this scene – with the added bonus of Robbie in swimming trunks!

Picture of Dalia in workout gear

Dalia Mikneviciute

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Richard’s Playlist (15) – Everything I Own by Bread

Richard sells some of his jewels so he can pay his way – I chose this song as the scene title: Everything I Own 

David Gates has a wonderfully sweet voice and the song is beautiful, even if it has nothing to do with jewels or money!

Photo of David Gates

David Gates

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Photo of David Gates By Al Schlesinger-management/Levinson Associates-publicity (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

How To Recycle Writing Ideas

ideas to try

A Writer's Path


So you have a brilliant idea, but things aren’t working out quite the way you expected. Or maybe you are writing an article and want to know how to get the most out of your subject matter. Should you just scrap your idea after one use? In case you couldn’t tell from the title, the answer is “no.” There is more than one way to use an idea and you shouldn’t throw one out until you have examined all the possibilities. So how exactly do you salvage that writing idea and make it reusable? How can you take a good idea that isn’t working and give it some new life? Here are some suggestions for saving those little thought gems from the trash pile and making them reusable.

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Richard’s Playlist (14) – Grenade by Bruno Mars

Richard gets a shock – Grenade seemed the obvious choice for the scene title. Plus it’s a great song! To find out what the shock was download Richard Liveth Yet – only £1.99 on Kindle

Picture of a grenade

Picture by By J-L Dubois (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Richard’s Mighty Army

I haven’t written a poem in years, but I suddenly felt inspired to write this today.  Hope you like it!

Picture of knight with pen

Richard’s Mighty Army

Restless, furious, vengeful
He sees with eyes long dead
Malicious lies recorded
His truth and honour fled

The loser at the battle
Despite his dauntless skill
Losing yet more thereafter
By the pen of Tudor’s Will

He lost through heated courage
The impulse wrongly judged
Five hundred years to contemplate
His honour foully smudged

Patience is now the master
A dish served cold prepare
The building of the backlash
Innocence declare

He cannot win the battle
With swords that are no more
But pen is mightier than sword
As he knows to his core

Therefore he changes tactics
Recruiting Yorkist minds
To write another story
To reveal other finds

Art now paints him in beauty
The dreaded hunchback gone!
Stories now tell of justice
Of honour, mercies done

His mighty army building
A new Broom sweeping clean
The reputation tarnished
Is polished to a gleam

The pile of Tudor falsehood
A stinking, filthy heap
We overcome with golden words
Burying it deep

We feel his indignation
At injustices of yore
And we shall rally to his call
For he shall win the war!

Original image link. Licensed by Creative Commons

Image by Goodmami, titled ‘The pen is mightier than something'<br />
Taken on August 2, 2008. Tip of brush changed to fountain pen nib

Richard’s Playlist (13) – Amazed by Lonestar

This scene portrays some of the modern wonders (namely libraries and supermarkets) that, for Richard, are beyond amazing, so the perfect song title for the scene was Amazed.

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Photo of Lonestar

Lonestar in Fleet Rec Park, Norfolk, Virginia
Date 17 June 2005
Source Naval Support Activity Norfolk originally uploaded on en.wikipedia by User:Nv8200p at 19:52, 3. Jan 2006.
Author PN2 Kelsey

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How did they really speak in Medaeval/Tudor Times

I had to write a few scenes where Richard spoke in ‘Mediaeval speak’ and it was difficult as I knew if I tried to write how they actually spoke it would be the normal reader, so I had to make a few words ‘Mediaeval’ while keeping the bulk of it modern..  Here is an example which perfectly illustrates this. Yes, it’s from after Richard’s times, but it gives a good idea!

How they spoke 500 years ago!  It sounds so much nicer than modern English.Picture of a question mark