Tip #4: A Useful App For Writers

This is a great app to check how readable your writing is!

Useless Book Club


As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I was very reluctant to try a creative writing self-help book. So you can imagine my reaction to hearing about the Hemingway app.

“An app which professes to make you a better author? How dare you!” I cried in dismay.

Here’s the thing

It works. Let me qualify that statement. It won’t improve your plot or characters, and your writing style is entirely your own to play with. But what it will do is improve the reader’s experience. Not just fiction authors, it’ll work for bloggers too.

What it does

It’s simple to use. You copy something you’ve written and paste it into the text box. That’s all happening on the home page. There’s no need to press any buttons and it’s free. I’m sure there’s a paid version, but I don’t see why you’d need it. That’s how you know they’re not paying…

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