Tip #8: Character Pitfalls

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Useless Book Club

Power of Words

Here are some top mistakes writers make when creating characters for fiction:

  • Characters aren’t believable.
  • Stereotypical characters.
  • Too realistic.
  • Not developed enough.
  • Etc etc etc…

Why didn’t I finish that list?

That seems pretty lazy of me not to bother finishing the list. But the truth is that you can find a full breakdown of common character creation mistakes using a web search or writer’s self-help book. Where do you think I found those in the first place?

Perhaps I’ll write a full post about it later, but now I’m saying something I consider to be more important. Once you have all of the above under control, there’s still one crucial mistake you can make without even realising it.

Character diversity: the unexpected pitfall

This looks obvious at first glance. Of course you need to have diverse characters. If each person in your novel or short story had the same…

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