Time Travel is About Contradictions

Fascinating post! This is just how I felt when writing Richard Liveth Yet – it’s meant to be fun!


Allen R. Brady

The Monster interviews author Allen Brady, author of The Fruithandler Time Engine.

The Fruithandler Time Engine is about time traveling, from the past to the preset. There are many paradoxes involved with time traveling. How did you handle these in your novel, or were they an obstacle in any way?

The paradoxes aren’t an obstacle; they’re a large part of the charm.

Time travel is all about contradictions. At its core, every single time travel story is about the inversion of cause and effect—about someone in a place they cannot be, armed with information they couldn’t possibly have. When contradiction is your starting point, paradoxes are not merely inevitable, they’re where the fun begins.

Exploring the logical ramifications of esoteric premises is precisely what science fiction was invented for. In no other genre does more entertainment derive from learning the rules, then expanding upon them, and there are no…

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