Tip #22: All About Chapters

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Night sky

Warning: contains extended metaphors

This tip is all about chapters. You use chapters to break up your novel. It’s a necessary evil because, if your novel flowed uninterrupted from page one to ending, you would find it very difficult to introduce leaps in the timeline, new themes or undiscovered locations.

How to create chapters

They’re not too hard to construct. A chapter is essentially a micro-novel. It has a beginning, middle and end. Approach it in the same way you would a story which stands on its own. Start from where you left the last chapter, with sudden action or unexpected/intriguing events. Draw your reader in from the outset.

The issue

But chapters create a problem. When I write, I’m always conscious of there being two types of chapter I create. It’s useful to think about them as stars and space. Imagine looking up the night sky (as with the image…

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