We Need To Go Deeper – Into POV, That Is

Excellent tips!

Allison Maruska

When you dream, how do you experience the dream world? Are you yourself? Do you see things from your own eyes or from the outside? What kinds of dreams stick with you after you wake up?

Do you jump out of your head and into someone else’s, mid-dream?

If you were taken aback by that last question, hang on to that feeling because I’m coming back to it.

I want to invite you into a conversation, one in which a CP (critique partner) and I discussed a problem he was having with his WIP. I posed the dream questions as a way to understand how he sees the characters, because POV was the heart of the problem (check out this post for a basic description of the different POVs you can use for your story).

I’m sharing the conversation with you because in many published and pre-published work I read, I believe…

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