Another NaNo done!

Last month (November) I took part in another National Novel Writing Month. This was how I originally managed to write my first novel, Richard Liveth Yet.

I find it helpful because I am a terrible procrastinator and I need the target (50,000 words) and the deadline (in a month) to motivate me to get on with it!

There are now three NaNos every year in November (the original) where you are challenged to write a 50,000 novel in a month. In April and July they have Camp NaNo where you set your own target (anything from 10,000 words to 1 million!)

So what did I write this time? Well, I have already almost finished the second part of Richard Liveth Yet (called Richard Liveth Yet Book II – A Foreign Country) so I didn’t have 50,000 words left to write. I therefore decided to get started on the third part, Richard Liveth Yet Book III – Hearts Never Change! Yes it’s going to be a trilogy and I hope to have the second part published early next year.

Here is the proof that I did write 50,000 words! (Joanne Walter is my maiden name and once I used it I can’t change it!)

Graph showing achievment of 50,000 words written


2 thoughts on “Another NaNo done!

  1. WELL DONE JOANNE ! Look forward to reading some? Linda aka ‘feline female’ Also sent a couple of videos and wait wondering if you finished my little bit of story I sent? There’s a small parcel heading your way for your B’day from me.

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    • Thank you – I will have some ready soon – I have had a bout of illness and I am a bit behind! I have not finished your story yet, but I will have another look today. And thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! x


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