Richard’s Playlist (40) – Hazard by Richard Marx

Richard reveals another side to his character when he confronts some muggers! I decided to use Hazard by Richard Marx to represent this scene. Not only does the title apply to the action, but the video linked here and the lyrics of the song are intriguing, mysterious and have several interpretations, just as Richard’s own life is shrouded in mystery too. Guilty or innocent? You decide!

Photo of Richard Marx

Richard Marx


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Image credit: By Candy156sweet (Own work: Candid photo of Richard Marx) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


Richard’s Playlist (39) -Requiem for a Tower by Escala

Richard and Rose visit the Tower, during the poppy display to mark WWI Centenary. Richard is moved and inspired.

I thought the brilliant Escala’s ‘Requiem for a Tower’ was just perfect for this!

As you can see Escala on the link I will post an image of the Tower poppies


Blood Swept Land and Seas of Red

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What Words to Avoid in Your Writing

Useful to check before you publish!

A Writer's Path


by K. Ross

Writing is tricky. Trying to express your meaning clearly can be hard enough, but also making it engaging can be quite the balancing act. As a writer, I’m still working on it, but as an editor, ill-considered or lazy writing jumps off the page at me like a facehugger from Aliens. While much of any writer’s voice is a product of their individual choices, there are a few words everyone needs to be wary of.

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How To Write a Great Fight Scene

I may be needing this advice!

A Writer's Path


by Sarah from Paper, Words, and Coffee

Picture it. Your favorite character slowly circles an enemy, sword drawn. The reader is frozen in anticipation. This is it; the beginning of another epic fight scene that will have them sitting on the edge of their seat, chewing their nails, completely oblivious to reality. There is nothing but the world that lies between the inky lines on the page.

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Richard’s Playlist (38) – Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars

Richard is appalled when some ‘Trick or Treaters’ knock – he considers it an abomination, against God’s Holy Law. See what he does in Richard Liveth Yet on Kindle.

Photo of Bruno Mars

I thought a suitable title for this scene would be Locked Out of Heaven, by Bruno Mars – plus, it is a great song!


Image credit: By Brothers Le [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Richard’s Playlist (37) – Mars (The Bringer of War) by Holst (The Planet Suite)

Richard and Rose discuss their research into the Battle of Bosworth so that Richard can make his new battle plans.  I decided Holst’s ‘Mars, the Bringer of War’ from his Planet Suite, was appropriate for this.

Pic of Statue of Ares (Mars)

If you would like to read more of Richard and Rose’s adventures, download Richard Liveth Yet from Kindle (£1.99)

Image in public domain via Wikimedia Commons




Story, You Need A Problem

I love this!

Allison Maruska

A few weeks ago, in the post about setting, I shared with you a mnemonic I used with my students to help them remember the important parts of a story: Cows See Pretty Sunflowers.

Cows = Characters

See = Setting

Pretty = Problem

Sunflowers = Solution

All these things are necessary to have a good story. Today, we jump into the third point. So let’s get Pretty.

Let’s say I write a story about my morning. I woke up, ate breakfast, and had coffee while I read blog posts. You could even say my morning consisted of little stories. I wanted coffee, so I went to the kitchen and made coffee. Goal met.

rocksBut that would be boring as hell. Sure, I technically had a non-coffee related “problem,” but there were no obstacles (or rocks, if you will) keeping me from solving it (Dan gives a nice description of how obstacles…

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Writing and Balancing Social Media

This is so true!

A Writer's Path

Social Media

by Eve Messenger 

As writers, most of us have four jobs: our day job, family life, writing, and social media. For obvious reasons, we have to spend time at our day jobs. We also have to spend time with our families because, well, relationships make life worth living. As for writing, that’s non-negotiable. Except it is. Even when our life’s ambition is to publish novels, we don’t always make enough time to write, and sometimes (often) the culprit is our fourth job, social media.

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Using Adjectives (Less Is More)

Good tips

A Writer's Path


by L. G. Estrella

Adjectives are wonderful words. A few well-used adjectives can add spice to a passage of writing. However, a few poorly used adjectives can lead to disaster, and two of the easiest ways to misuse adjectives are to either use too many or to use adjectives that are just over the top.

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