FREE talk on Richard III and the Wars of the Roses

I will be putting on a free talk to demonstrate my speaker skills before the next Leigh-on-sea, Women in Business meeting on Tuesday 8th March at the Sand Bar. It will start at 10.45 to give us time to finish before the room is used for the meeting. The title of the talk will be:

Richard III and the Wars of the Roses – The Real Game of Thrones

Pic of Richard III

Find out about one of the most exciting, bloody and eventful periods of English history!
Who were the key players?
What caused the Wars of the Roses?
Why is the name ‘Wars of the Roses’ wrong?
Was Richard III really the black-hearted villain portrayed by Shakespeare?

Hear about: bloody battles, executions, murders, bigamy, regicide, rape, slander, incest, abduction, and intrigue: it really was much more dramatic than any soap opera!

Please let me know if you will be coming so I have an idea of numbers (email or text: 07956 524679



Image: See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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