Latest Review for Richard Liveth Yet


Book and bracelet

I don’t regularly publish my book reviews,but I really couldn’t resist with this one. Thank you ‘Avalon’ (whoever you are) – you really made my day!

5.0 out of 5 stars Richard Liveth Yet….thank goodness!
on 4 April 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I read this book last year and thoroughly enjoyed it… I couldn’t put it down! The author really gets into the head of a medieval king, who is suddenly propelled into the 21st century of technology, strange customs, and informal friendships. I don’t want to give anything away as there are at times some hilarious ‘laugh out loud’ moments, and tender moments that pull on the heartstrings.

I really hoped there would be another book, and thank the lucky stars there is! I started reading book 2 at the weekend when it popped up on my ‘recommended list’ and again, I can’t seem to put it down!

Any filmmakers reading this……please, please turn these books into films!


One thought on “Latest Review for Richard Liveth Yet

  1. Oooooh YES! How about a film Jo? Wouldn’t that be great? Especially if you could choose the actors. Loved both your books and thanks for mentioning me in your ‘acknowledgements’ and Pam is racing through her copy, probably finished it by now.

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