H is for #Hashtag: A Basic Guide to Twitter for Writers

Great advice here!

EM Biddulph

  1. Engage. Twitter is all about conversation. It’s a place to interact with your community, your readers, and your followers. Play, chat, teach, learn, update, inspire – remember to focus on the ‘social’ aspect of ‘social media’.
  2. Be Yourself. Show your personality – be interesting, positive, and genuine. Don’t give out any of your personal information (stay safe online!), but do think about revealing a little bit of ‘who’ you are. Make your Twitter feed sound like there is a real person behind it.
  3. Be consistent. Keep a regular schedule. Be reliable. Identify when your most popular/successful times for sharing are, and build your schedule around these moments.
  4. Vary your message/content. Use a variety of different formats for your status updates: text only updates, photographs, videos, links, blog posts, retweets, etc. Share your writing tips, your writing goals, your favourite quotes, articles you have read, your pet photos, books you are currently reading, your latest…

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