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Richard’s Playlist (68) – That Thing You Do by the Oneders (Wonders)

Richard is still a king, even though he is in modern times, and he still sometimes acts as one. He has a certain ‘look’ which can silence almost anyone! I thought the song ‘That Thing You Do‘, from the film of the same name starring Tom Hanks, was a great title for this scene – see why Richard resorts to ‘the look’ by downloading Richard Liveth Yet on Kindle for just 99p until May 31st! It’s a Kindle Countdown offer!


Photo of Tom Hanks



Image credit: Pubic domain: *Photograph: Michael E. Dukes *Date: February 5, 2004 *Description: ”Actor Tom Hanks jokes with 82nd Airborne soldier Staff Sgt. Maurice Craft in Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s Physical Therapy Clinic Feb. 5

How much help are book reviews?



Well, first of all, are we talking of the reader or the writer of a particular book?

As a fairly new writer, I was appalled to learn that readers often assume that five star reviews are given by friends and family and one star ratings are from people with issues of some kind. As an author, nothing gives me such a thrill as seeing a five star review. What a shame if they are disregarded. Even low reviews can be useful to point out faults you might be able to correct next time, or learn from in some way, but a five star review is a vindication of all your efforts and the work you put in. However, when it comes to reviews the ones you remember most are typically the one star, spiteful nasty ones. Isn’t it typical? You might have twenty four and five star reviews, but its the one or two low ones that you think about the most.I’m pretty thick skinned, but they even get to me. The only comfort I have found is that in two cases, where the reviewer obviously hadn’t read the book (and in one case, actually admitted as much), others have commented that it is unfair to download just the ‘freebie’ part or look only at the ‘Look inside’ section and then post a bad review. But they do it. It’s a part of being a writer. Who knows what their motivations are? However, you can see that reviews are important to us. Apparently, your book gets more prominence if you have over fifty reviews, so please guys! Give a review if you’ve enjoyed a book (or even if you haven’t, if you must -they all count towards our fifty.

As a reader, \i do look at reviews, but if I think by the blurb that I might like a book, I prefer to judge for myself – reviews are a guide and some are really helpful, but not the be-all and end-all of whether or not I will buy a book.

And I have to add that none of my family have reviewed my books. One or two friends have, but they were unsolicited by me and they are absolutely genuine reviews. Goodreads actually has a separate section for ‘friend’ reviews. Good idea, you might think, except that anyone can ‘friend’ you and you may not know them from Adam.Then their review is seen as biased.I suppose you can’t win!




Image credit: By User:Estoy Aquí (Self created (previously on en.wikipedia)) [CC BY 2.5 (, via Wikimedia Commons


Richard’s Playlist (67) – NorwegianWood by The Beatles

Rose and Richard arrive in Norway to meet Rose’s friend, Torstein. Richard likes the landscape there as it reminds him of Yorkshire in his own time, and he finds Norwegian houses and cabins to be comfortable, warm and light – and made of Norwegian Wood. It is one of my favourite Beatles’ songs.

Photo of The Beatles


Image Credit: By EMI. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Richard’s Playlist (66) – FLying Theme (E.T.) by John Williams

Richard is depressed, so Rose decides a holiday might help and they travel to Norway on a ‘plane; Richard’s first flight! Will he be afraid, nervous, excited?

I decided that the E.T Flying Theme by John Williams could be best used to illustrate this scene.

Photo of John Williams, composer

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Image credit: By Alec McNayr (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Richard’s Playlist (65) – Bad Boys by Alexandra Burke

Rose needs to get a passport for Richard, which proves a problem as he has no birth certificate (and if he had it would be highly suspicious!) so she enlists the help of a dodgy client, who manages to acquire a suitable passport for a price. The scene title for this is ‘Bad Boys‘ by Alexandra Burke.

Photo of Alexandra Burke

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Richard’s Playlist (64) – The Proud One by The Four Seasons

Richard and Rose chat over a glass of Calvados and he tells her about Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, his father-in-law, known to history as Warwick the Kingmaker. I thought a good scene title would be The Proud One by The Four Seasons.

Photo of The Four Seasons

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Image credit:By Philips Records (Billboard, page 25, 27 August 1966) [Public domain], via Wikimedia C