Do You Write Chronologically?

A Writer's Path


by Andrea Lundgren

Recently, I’ve been dealing with…well, we won’t call it writer’s block. I wasn’t out of things to write, merely stumped on how to get from Point A to Point B without creating major plot holes. And it was very tempting to just skip the problematic bit and go ahead to the next chapter or section, where I knew how things would unfold.

I’ve heard that some writers actually do this. They jump ahead to the scenes they feel ready to write and come back to deal with the others. Because it’s all on an outline, and they know where they’re going, they can write the “Death Star exploding” before figuring out how to get Princess Leia off the space station in the first place.

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Rose’s Playlist (5) – Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Rose visits the Major Oak every year to try to meet Richard and each time the ‘meetings’ are unsatisfactory and fleeting. She  cannot see him but ‘hears’ his thoughts in her head and he can ‘hear’ hers. She gives away that she still loves him and explains he has left a ‘blank space’ in her heart…

Blank Space by Taylor Swift is the ideal song for this scene.

Photo of Taylor Swift

Download the book for Kindle here: Richard Liveth Yet (Book II): A Foreign Country

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Earlier on, I did some blog posts about the characters of my books. Some were based on real people (such as Dalia, the glamorous Pilates teacher – she really is!). However, although I posted one about Rose, my heroine, there was no photo because I had a specific image of her in my mind and I couldn’t find a suitable picture of her – well, now I have! I found a photo of a model, available use on license, which is just how I imagine her to look, even down to the green eyes.Rose is natural looking, has a nice smile and curly blonde hair. She has green eyes and can be emotional. She is clumsy, honest, impulsive and affectionate. And she loves food!

I debated whether to post this as I know many readers want to visualise their own version of the hero/heroine, but I can’t resist. So here she is: my vision of Rose, the heroine of the Richard Liveth Yet novels. Please let me know what you think of her!

Picture of Rose

Parts I and II are available on Amazon and the final part (III) will be released very soon! Watch this space!


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Rose’s Playlist (4) -How Do I Live? by LeeAnn Rimes

Rose decides she must get on with her life without Richard and fills it with activities. She will still try to contact him once a year, but she won’t let herself pine for him. I chose ‘How Do I Live?’ by LeeAnn Rimes as being a suitable track for this scene title.

Photo of Lee

You can download Richard Liveth Yet Books I and II on Amazon Kindle or print – if you have already read them,please consider posting a review!


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