Earlier on, I did some blog posts about the characters of my books. Some were based on real people (such as Dalia, the glamorous Pilates teacher – she really is!). However, although I posted one about Rose, my heroine, there was no photo because I had a specific image of her in my mind and I couldn’t find a suitable picture of her – well, now I have! I found a photo of a model, available use on license, which is just how I imagine her to look, even down to the green eyes.Rose is natural looking, has a nice smile and curly blonde hair. She has green eyes and can be emotional. She is clumsy, honest, impulsive and affectionate. And she loves food!

I debated whether to post this as I know many readers want to visualise their own version of the hero/heroine, but I can’t resist. So here she is: my vision of Rose, the heroine of the Richard Liveth Yet novels. Please let me know what you think of her!

Picture of Rose

Parts I and II are available on Amazon and the final part (III) will be released very soon! Watch this space!


Image credit:© Copyright Andy Dean Photography


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