New book released!

Having collaborated with Susan Kokomo Lamb, we have now completed our first project, Dickon’s Diaries, an irreverent, naughty, humorous glimpse into the private life of our favourite Medieval monarch and his life in Muddleham Castle! It is definitely not to be taken seriously, but was written to cheer everyone up in these rather sad times. At the moment it is only available on Kindle, but the print version will be coming soon,

Meanwhile, click on the picture of the cover for the Kindle link – download a sample, if you’re not sure whether you will like it. It is a mix of ‘Carry On’ style and the Two Ronnies, with a medieval twist.

Cover of 'Dickon's Diaries'

If you read it and enjoy it, please leave a review!


Reading is Not the Same After Writing

This is true – sad in a way

A Writer's Path


by Samantha Fenton

One of the most surprising things I found had happened as a result from starting to write seriously, was how I read books differently. After writing a novel, I can’t look at a book the same way again – which makes sense, right?

Picture someone close to you deciding to play soccer. You don’t know much about soccer. Turns out, that someone is really into it, and you end up going to a lot of their games and listening to them talk about it all the time. You’re going to have a different view about soccer now because of it. Now, maybe you can watch a soccer game on tv without being bored. You can watch a player shoot a goal and you can say, “wow! What a great play!” Or see the player make a pass a say, “what a terrible pass. They should’ve held onto it!”

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Christmas Kindle Countdown Deals!

Three new Kindle countdown deals for you! Just click on the pics to go to the UK Kindle site!

From Saturday 10th December (Rose’s birthday!) until 17th, ‘Richard Liveth Yet:A Historical Novel Set in the Present Day’ will be on offer in the Kindle Store for only 99c/99p


From Thursday 15th until 21st December, ‘Richard Liveth Yet (Book II): A Foreign Country’ will be available for 99c/99p

Pic of Kindle cover

From Christmas Day until New Year’s Day, ‘Richard Liveth Yet (Book III): Hearts Never Change’ will be there, again for 99c/99p


Modern language and the problem of anachronisms

Very interesting and thought-provoking!

Carolyn Hughes

Following on from last week’s blog post, introducing my thoughts on the “problem” of language in historical fiction, today I am going to consider the possible effects of using modern language in an historical novel.

world-without-end-coverKen Follett is one novelist who has been accused of using overly modern language in his mediaeval historical novels (Pillars of the Earth and World Without End). For some of his readers (evidenced from book reviews), their impression of undue modernity in the novel’s language does matter:

‘Obviously, a novel set around the 12th [sic – should be 14th] century could never be written in contemporary prose… But some concession needed to be made in order to emphasise antiquity, or it might as well be set in the present. …I found myself jerked out of the spell by the kind of prose and dialogue that I can hear on the…

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Rose’s Playlist (7) – When You Are A King by White Plains

As Rose explores the various Ricardian sites, such as the Tower of London, she finds out that Richard’s legacy has led to many more places of historical and ecclesiastical interest surviving and she realises that he was truly the great thing she and her fellow Ricardians thought he would be.

When You Are A King‘ by White Plains is the scene title song. Click on the link for a video filmed at the Tower- synchronicity at work!

Here is a link to a great 70s music blog with White Plains mentioned: Click!

If you want to read more about what Rose does to be re-united with Richard, click: here.

Here is the magnificent Tower of London!

Photo of the Tower of London




Image credit: Carlos Delgado [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons