Dan Alatorre

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed,Barbara Anne Helberg.

B1I80q0cwoS._UX250_“Free critique”, “writing contest”, and soon after, “scary anthology” were key phrases that captured my writer’s heart during July/August, 2017, on WordPress.

A WordPress blogger and Internet writer of over a thousand articles since 2007, I didn’t have a definite, or specific, commercial publishing goal in mind recently until those six words came in sight during a routine WordPress browsing session that led me toDanand new possibilities.
Today, I have an Author Page at Amazon:Barbara Anne Helberg.

I entered Dan’s July writing contest and found someone who enjoys spreading his writing wings to the mutual benefit of other writers.

And I found someone who has fun leading even unpublished writers to bona fide authorship through self-publishing.
My story in “The Box Under the Bed” is “Interlock”. Although it’s part of a larger…

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Stark naked in Tesco

Great post from another author – we should all demand less packaging

Rebecca Bryn

petelovespurple via viual hunt

Image courtesy  of petelovespurple via Visual Hunt.

Back in the good old days, I suppose I’d have been about three and sitting in a little metal chair on the back of Mum’s sit-up-and-beg Raleigh, shopping was quite a different experience. We went to the corner shop, the greengrocer, or the butcher for most of our daily requirements. Daily, because domestic refrigeration was unheard of. Potatoes were weighed out and poured into the bottom of our shopping bag. Next came root vegetables, then greens, and on top of those, the most squashable items, like fruit and salad. Perched on top of those were eggs in a paper bag, or maybe sausages in waxed paper. And when we got home the shopping was unloaded into a vegetable rack, or meat safe to keep off the flies, and a larder.

Bread, milk, and coal were delivered by horse and cart. Milk daily, bread…

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#1 Bestseller: The Box Under The Bed

Wow! We are bestsellers! Yay! 😀

Dan Alatorre

no 1 bWe have a legitimate #1 BESTSELLER on our hands.

Or in our hands, as the case were.

ABOVE, some of The Box Under The Bed co-authors, L-R: Allison Maruska, J. A. Allen, and Dan Alatorre, signing copies of TBUTB for fans at the Florida Writers Conference.

These are SALES, not free downloads.

GREAT JOB to EVERYONE who wrote a story for this! You are now all bestselling authors.


Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #4,796 Paid in Kindle Store

There are literally MILLIONS of books sold on amazon; ours is in the top 5000. That is BIG!


#1 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Horror > Anthologies.

There are thousands and thousands of books vying for that spot. OUR book is #1


I could not be more proud of nearly every member of this group and…

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A Divinely Inspired Dan???

Another co-author writes…

Dan Alatorre

Guest blog post by a co-author of The Box Under The Bed, Curtis Bausse

61HtBprDyuL._UX250_ author Curtis Bausse

I’ve never met Dan.

I imagine him as a bundle of concentrated enthusiasm,

which, if it’s true, makes him rare indeed: entheos, from which the word is derived, means “divinely inspired, possessed by a god.”

In this case, the god of blogging, self-publishing and book promotion. But I’ve seen him on YouTube, and he moves and speaks just like the rest of us (except with an American accent), so on the whole I lean towards the conclusion that he is in fact human.

Nonetheless, the mystery remains:

How does he do it?

Divine or not, there’s a whole lot of entheos in his commitment to writing.

And not just his own, that’s the thing. He cheers us all on tirelessly, spreading entheos through cyberspace till eventually some of it even seeps…

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Man Booker, it’s time to open up literary prizes to self-published authors

Very true!

Nail Your Novel

It’s not my policy to run press releases, as this blog is my personal writing and publishing adventures. But this is a campaign I’m proud to get behind, and I think it will strike a chord with a few of you guys too.

Today, the winner of the Man Booker is announced, and Orna Ross (left), founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors, has issued an official plea to literary prize organisers everywhere: it’s time to open prizes to the quality work being produced by self-published authors.

Here’s Orna:

‘As so many authors are now producing work of creative and commercial merit, a prize that fails to include author-published work is deficient: unrepresentative in a way that seems incompatible with the prize sponsors’ commitment to diversity and inclusion. We strongly urge the Man Booker Prize to find ways to include self-publishing writers in their programme.’

(You might also recognise…

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Stephen King, eat your heart out!

Great news! Our book, The Box Under the Bed, is ranking higher than Stephen King on Amazon!! Wow!

pic of ranking on Amazon

If you haven’t had a look at it here is the link – twenty authors, twenty styles, something for everyone (and I’m in it too!) 😉 – oh and if you read it, PLEASE post a short review!

Thank you x

Guest author: Joanne Larner – Meeting Richard

My guest post on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I am a Ricardian. I am proud to be one of Richard III’s loyal advocates, trying to clear his name from the calumny with which Henry Tudor tainted him. I wanted to DO something, something special, and so I decided to write a novel about him. A different type of novel, set in the twenty first century, with a Richard who comes forward in time to learn of his fate at Bosworth, research it and try to go back to change it. Bosworth – it always comes back to what happened that day! If only Richard had got to Henry! If only he hadn’t charged! If only he had taken a horse and fled, to fight again another day! How different our history might have been with Good King Richard on the throne. Sigh!

But how could he best research Bosworth in our time? I thought the perfect way would…

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The Box Under the Bed: My Experience

Another co-author’s thoughts!

Dan Alatorre

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed,Christine Valentor.

a-llama-me-4 author Christine Valentor

Our anthology,The Box Under the Bed, was released on Amazon this week, and I could not be more thrilled!

I am proud to be a contributing author to this book. Although I have had stories published before in literary journals, this was my first time to be published in a commercial work, one that is actually available on Amazon.

The experience has been exciting and unique!

When Dan Alatorre first announced that he wanted to put together an anthology of scary stories to be ready just in time for Halloween,

I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

I love all things scary

and had already written several horror stories. The one I chose to submit — a tale of Jack the Ripper and his victims — was particularly…

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“Writers not helping each other? Rubbish.”

Another co-authors thoughts on being in The Box Under the Bed (not literally! 🙂 )

Dan Alatorre

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed,Frank Parker

I recall a conversation not so long ago about the difficulty of getting your work, as an aspiring writer, noticed.

One despairing guy said,

“You’ll not get much help from established writers.”

There is, of course, lots of evidence to the contrary. One has only to think of Steven King and the many books and articles he has published on the craft of writing. And there is, too, lots of advice about the importance of editing, cover design and formatting, all of it provided by successful authors. Of course, not all of this wisdom comes free of charge. Much that does is offered as a lure to entice the unwary to purchase expensive services.

One best selling author who spends a good deal of his time helping other writers is Dan Alatorre.

I came across him…

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