Literally Blowing a Fuse

Are you the kind of pedantic person (like me!) who gets annoyed when you see a grammar gaffe, poor punctuation, stupid spelling or aberrant apostrophes?

Cartoon astronaut on a planet
Cartoon Astronaut on a Planet Holding a Flag – From

Did the blog title ring a bell for you? It probably did if you get peeved when people state things are happening ‘literally’ which aren’t actually true. Using the word ‘literally’ means the thing decribed is an actual fact. Remarks such as: ‘I was literally exploding with excitement’, ‘I’m literally over the moon’ and ‘He’s literally my knight in shining armour’ are not factually correct. Unless you have actually, physically exploded, you are an astronaut on a moon mission or he is Richard III! But getting angry about it may be counterproductive.

Silhouette of a knight in armour
Knight in armour – From

Apparently, we can damage our health if we find ourselves in a constant state of anger because of these constant annoyances. So maybe we should be more tolerant. I found this post about what can happen to your brain and body when you are continuously angry. Click here.

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