The Last Plantagenet by Bob Ferdinand

My blog about Bob Ferdinand’s poem


Poet Bob Ferdinand wrote this sonnet about Richard and entered it into the Nebraska Shakespeare Sonnet Contest last summer, winning second prize (should have been first!)

Graham Turner painting of Richard III at Bosworth killing William BrandonThe Battle of Bosworth by artist Graham Turner, copyright Graham Turner. N.B. Prints and cards of this and many other Ricardian scenes are available – click on the picture above 

The Last Plantagenet

In August, at late Summer’s teeming height,
The last Plantagenet rode forth one day
Defying Fortune, rising to the fight
And risking all in battle’s bloodied fray.

He stood resolved which course he must pursue
To stem the sham of Richmond’s royal claim
A final thrust could see the battle through
To ride straight for The Tudor was his aim.

Surrounded by the pride of England’s might
With heart set high he charged the foe pell-mell
Within the deepest folds of battle’s fright
King Richard strove- he sought, he fought, he…

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Dan Alatorre’s WORD WEAVER Writing Contest for March 2018! LET THE GAMES BEGIN – with a twist!

Recommended – I got in the last anthology and it was awesome. I’m going to give it a go!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Are ya ready?

Because I have something extra special for you this time, with a surprise twist at the end, too – just like a great story!

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed 2

Announcing the March 2018

Word Weaver Writing Contest!

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John Darryl Winston 13131361_10154451168558455_2986224098739414197_o Jenny head shot

John Darryl Winston,   Lucy Brazier,   J. A. Allen

color head shot IMG_3024_ruff_jeniferr_small

Allison Maruska,   Jenifer Ruff

(all celebrity judges from 2017 and 2018 will be rotated out and will be invited back for a supercontest at year end)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

and a new bonus

ALL entries will be…

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The “Rules” Good Writers Break

Great post!

Frank Parker's author site

If you are a beginning writer you will have heard all of these. Where they originated is hard to know but, as Anne R. Allen points out in this post, they are nonsense. She gives examples of where great writers were not only unaware of them, but when they ‘broke’ them, the result was brilliant writing that was admired by critics and readers alike.


At the end of the post Anne very generously provides a list of places to submit your writing for publication and or contests with valuable prizes. The two together offer excellent value which I’m happy to share.

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A Ricardian Novel for Children

My review of ‘The Order of the White Boar’


I was privileged to be able to help proof-read a copy of Alex Marchant’s new children’s novel about a twelve-year-old boy in the service of Richard, Duke of Gloucester and I was delighted to find that it was well-written, engaging and – wait for it! – pro-Richard! At last we have a novel for children from aged ten and up (and that includes children up to 100!) which depicts Richard as we see him: the just, fair, merciful and intelligent man as opposed to the traditional Tudor/Shakespearean monster and tyrant.

The Order of the White Boar tells the story of Matthew, a talented singer who is sent to Middleham and taken into the household of Richard and Anne. He makes friends while there, including Richard and Anne’s young son, Edward. This is a refreshing change as Edward is shown as a more major character than in most Ricardian novels.

Cover of 'The Order of the White Boar'


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The Value of Forgetting (For Writers)

A Writer's Path

by Richard Risemberg

A good memory is both blessing and curse to a novelist. As with all two-edged weapons, you have to wield it with caution, lest you damage your own self…or in the authorial case, your story.

When you’re battling through that first draft, it is indeed a blessing: it helps you keep the plot tight and the characters consistent. A good memory gives you a world you can step into and live in along with your characters, and watch them build the story as you record it. You are a participant observer in a fully realized world that lives, in fact, only in your memory, after all.

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Book Review: Hearts Never Change (Plus Giveaway)

Thanks to Lisl for this great review!

before the second sleep

Richard Liveth Yet (Book II): A Foreign Country
by Joanne R. Larner

The author is so generously gifting a signed paperback copy of
Hearts Never Change to one lucky winner! To get in with a chance to
win, simply comment below OR at this review’s Facebook thread, locatedhere.

Drawing December 16

Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday to Joanne & Rose  

May the best be yet to come!

Every so often readers come across a tale in which it is easy to sense the author had a blast writing it. This doesn’t negate the hard work, long hours and research that went into it, but the story contains so much that buoys the spirit and excites the imagination it is infectious. Hearts Never Change, third in Joanne R. Larner’s Richard Liveth Yet series, is one such captivating yarn. From first page to the last, its…

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The Box Under The Bed: A Book Review

Detailed review of the Box Under the Bed – story by story


A “horror” anthology (and I do use that designation lightly) containing the following stories: ***WARNING*** SPOILERS MAY BE CONTAINED IN THE FOLLOWING

Prologue, The Box Under the Bed part one


Two sisters, Tanya and Eileen, have the unwelcomed task of cleaning up their grandparents’ old house and ready it for sale. In the midst of her work, Tanya discovers some odd treasures under Grandpa’s bed.

What I liked:

A stylistic opening to an anthology. What could all those trinkets mean? Nice atmospheric setting. Creepy in just the right way.

What I didn’t Like:

Nothing to dislike here. It’s short and to the point. A nice way to open a suspenseful anthology.

Passion – Jenifer Ruff


Young Brooke and family check into a beach resort for a little vacation. Brooke feels an urge for fun she hadn’t had in a long time and goes looking to satisfy that hunger.

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Would we understand Richard, if we were whisked back in time?

My blog on Murrey and Blue today


Photo of a parrot

I have often wondered what Richard’s voice sounded like. Did he have a low or high tone to his voice, was it rich, nasal, reedy, soft? What was his accent like? Would it be like a Midlands accent, as has been proposed, or would there be hints of Yorkshire? Did he have a good singing voice? And what about the manner of speech, sentence contruction and pronunciation of those times? Well, maybe the latter can be answered by listening to this 500-year-old poem about a parrot!

Click here to go to the poem on You Tube.

N.B. Sorry about the reference to H8!

Image credit: By Duncan Rawlinson from Vancouver, BC (flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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Dan Alatorre’s WORD WEAVER Writing Contest for November 2017 – let the NEW games begin!

Anyone who wants to be a published author – here’s your chance!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Are ya ready?

Because I have something REALLY good for you this time.

Word Weaver logi FINAL trimmed 2

Announcing the November 2017

Word Weaver Writing Contest!

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91LMy5tOhGL._UX250_ bw-head  img_2193_pp8x101

Bestselling authors Jenifer Ruff, Allison Maruska and Kelly Abel

Woo hoo! Celebrities!

Enter your amazing piece of writing! I and my hand-selected celebrity judge panel of bestselling authors will decide the winners and award a HUGE prize package plus some other amazing goodies.

YOU will have the month of November to enter an amazing piece of your own writing to my contest.

Here’s what you do:

Yep, you guessed it. Enter a piece of your writing in the contest. Nothing gets by…

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Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed,Barbara Anne Helberg.

B1I80q0cwoS._UX250_“Free critique”, “writing contest”, and soon after, “scary anthology” were key phrases that captured my writer’s heart during July/August, 2017, on WordPress.

A WordPress blogger and Internet writer of over a thousand articles since 2007, I didn’t have a definite, or specific, commercial publishing goal in mind recently until those six words came in sight during a routine WordPress browsing session that led me toDanand new possibilities.
Today, I have an Author Page at Amazon:Barbara Anne Helberg.

I entered Dan’s July writing contest and found someone who enjoys spreading his writing wings to the mutual benefit of other writers.

And I found someone who has fun leading even unpublished writers to bona fide authorship through self-publishing.
My story in “The Box Under the Bed” is “Interlock”. Although it’s part of a larger…

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