Guest author: Joanne Larner – Meeting Richard

My guest post on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I am a Ricardian. I am proud to be one of Richard III’s loyal advocates, trying to clear his name from the calumny with which Henry Tudor tainted him. I wanted to DO something, something special, and so I decided to write a novel about him. A different type of novel, set in the twenty first century, with a Richard who comes forward in time to learn of his fate at Bosworth, research it and try to go back to change it. Bosworth – it always comes back to what happened that day! If only Richard had got to Henry! If only he hadn’t charged! If only he had taken a horse and fled, to fight again another day! How different our history might have been with Good King Richard on the throne. Sigh!

But how could he best research Bosworth in our time? I thought the perfect way would…

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The Box Under the Bed: My Experience

Another co-author’s thoughts!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed,Christine Valentor.

a-llama-me-4 author Christine Valentor

Our anthology,The Box Under the Bed, was released on Amazon this week, and I could not be more thrilled!

I am proud to be a contributing author to this book. Although I have had stories published before in literary journals, this was my first time to be published in a commercial work, one that is actually available on Amazon.

The experience has been exciting and unique!

When Dan Alatorre first announced that he wanted to put together an anthology of scary stories to be ready just in time for Halloween,

I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

I love all things scary

and had already written several horror stories. The one I chose to submit — a tale of Jack the Ripper and his victims — was particularly…

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“Writers not helping each other? Rubbish.”

Another co-authors thoughts on being in The Box Under the Bed (not literally! 🙂 )

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed,Frank Parker

I recall a conversation not so long ago about the difficulty of getting your work, as an aspiring writer, noticed.

One despairing guy said,

“You’ll not get much help from established writers.”

There is, of course, lots of evidence to the contrary. One has only to think of Steven King and the many books and articles he has published on the craft of writing. And there is, too, lots of advice about the importance of editing, cover design and formatting, all of it provided by successful authors. Of course, not all of this wisdom comes free of charge. Much that does is offered as a lure to entice the unwary to purchase expensive services.

One best selling author who spends a good deal of his time helping other writers is Dan Alatorre.

I came across him…

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Book Review: Dickon’s Diaries (With Giveaway)

Here is a wonderful review of Dickon’s Diaries by Lisl Zlitni!

before the second sleep

We present this review on this, the 565th anniversary of the birth of Richard Plantagenet,

Duke of Gloucester and,

Dei Gratia Rex Angliae et Franciae et Dominus Hiberniae

by the Grace of God, King Richard III of England and France and Lord of Ireland.

800px-King_Richard_IIILate 16th-century portrait, housed in the National Portrait Gallery, London. See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Dickon’s Diaries – A Yeare in the Lyff of King Richard the Third
by Joanne Larner and Susan Lamb

See below for details about winning a free, signed copy of Dickon’s Diaries!

A few years ago I had opportunity to see a bit of social media shenanigans in which a well-known image of King Richard III was shopped to include the monarch wearing a Santa hat. It was Christmas, after all, though one person was not amused and demanded it be removed for the king to keep his…

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Titles – How Important Are They and How Do You Come Up With Them?

How do YOU come up with your titles?

Author Don Massenzio

Many authors who write book series, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich and Sue Grafton, to name a few, have written books that have common words in them. Patterson uses the word ‘Cross’, as in his character, Alex Cross, in such books as Cross My Heart, Cross Country, etc. Interestingly enough, however, he started out titling his Alex Cross books with nursery rhyme references like Along Came a Spider and Jack and Jill. 

Janet Evanovich uses numbers for her Stephanie Plum novels. She started with One for the Money and is about to release Hardcore Twenty Four. Sue Grafton used the more limiting letter scheme for her titles. Starting with A is for Alibi, she is now about to release Y is for Yesterday. Having titles like these for a series is a great marketing idea and, in the case of Evanovich and Grafton, it gives you an idea…

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How Scary is Richard III???

Have a look at this!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Guest blog post by a co-author ofThe Box Under The Bed,JoanneRLarner

B1DiISEXVoS._UX250_ author Joanne R. Larner

WhenDan had the idea to write a compilation of short stories by a lot of different authors,

I at first thought the genre (horror/scary) wouldn’t suit my style

since at the moment I am writing about (some might say obsessed with) Richard III and the Wars of the Roses.

But then I remembered a story I had written several years ago, one of the very first thingsI wrote on the subject of Richard, which did have a ‘horror’ theme.

With Dan’s encouragement (and he’s very good at that!) I sought it out

and realised that it would need some tweaking to be up to scratch – I have learned a lot since I wrote it.

So I re-edited it, changing a lot, adding a bit and making it more (I hope)…

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5 Reasons To Write For An Anthology

This is so true – if you haven’t tried this (or if you did and haven’t succeeded this time) keep going and give it a(nother) go!

Allison Maruska

Tomorrow is the official release day for The Box Under The Bed, the scary anthology I am honored to say my work is a part of. Months ago, when Dan first announced the idea of creating an anthology, I was on the fence. I was working on my own book, running my own social media, blah blah blah. It felt like an extra thing to do. But as Dan wanted a short piece I’d already written in the collection, I figured, why not? As the project moved along, I ended up writing a new story for it.

TBUTB cover

On this side of the project, I can honestly say that contributing to the anthology was one of the best decisions I’ve made, both professionally and creatively.

And in case you’re also considering whether or not to be in an anthology, here are five reasons why you should.

Reason 1: Writing short…

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Buy it! There are some great stories in here, if you like a scare – and one is mine!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

Time to buy your copy ofthe(soon-to-be)WORLD FAMOUS

The Box Under The Bed

a collection of scary stories from over 20 authors.

Many of the stories here are by first time published authors I hand selected for this amazing anthology. Others are bestselling authors who’ve already made a name for themselves, selling tens of thousands of books over the past few years.

You wanna read that!


All of you, whether you wrote a story for the book or not, PLEASE share this post and the links with your friends. Help these authors get the exposure they deserve.

It is available in eBook and paperback, so start clicking. The price goes up SOON.

And the NEXT time I have a writing contest, you should really think about participating, because several stories from those contests were selected for this book, AND I’ve gotten to know…

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