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The second book of the ‘Richard Liveth Yet’ trilogy (‘A Foreign Country’) will be on offer free on Kindle for two days (14th and 15th February)! So if you took advantage of the free offer of ‘Richard Liveth Yet’, now is the time to get the sequel! And if you missed the previous offer, ‘Richard Liveth Yet’ is also available free during the same time period!

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Free Ebook – One Day Only!

Great news! Richard Liveth Yet – A Historical Novel Set in the Present Day will be available to download to Kindle FREE on 10th January.¬† If you haven’t read it yet, please do download it and please, please, please give it a review on Amazon. And let me know what you think about it in the comments here – I would love to hear your thoughts, good or bad.

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Rose’s Playlist (5) – Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Rose visits the Major Oak every year to try to meet Richard and each time the ‘meetings’ are unsatisfactory and fleeting. She¬† cannot see him but ‘hears’ his thoughts in her head and he can ‘hear’ hers. She gives away that she still loves him and explains he has left a ‘blank space’ in her heart…

Blank Space by Taylor Swift is the ideal song for this scene.

Photo of Taylor Swift

Download the book for Kindle here: Richard Liveth Yet (Book II): A Foreign Country

Image credit:By Paolo Villanueva  Uploaded by MyCanon (Taylor Swift) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons



Earlier on, I did some blog posts about the characters of my books. Some were based on real people (such as Dalia, the glamorous Pilates teacher – she really is!). However, although I posted one about Rose, my heroine, there was no photo because I had a specific image of her in my mind and I couldn’t find a suitable picture of her – well, now I have! I found a photo of a model, available use on license, which is just how I imagine her to look, even down to the green eyes.Rose is natural looking, has a nice smile and curly blonde hair. She has green eyes and can be emotional. She is clumsy, honest, impulsive and affectionate. And she loves food!

I debated whether to post this as I know many readers want to visualise their own version of the hero/heroine, but I can’t resist. So here she is: my vision of Rose, the heroine of the Richard Liveth Yet novels. Please let me know what you think of her!

Picture of Rose

Parts I and II are available on Amazon and the final part (III) will be released very soon! Watch this space!


Image credit:© Copyright Andy Dean Photography

Rose’s Playlist (4) -How Do I Live? by LeeAnn Rimes

Rose decides she must get on with her life without Richard and fills it with activities. She will still try to contact him once a year, but she won’t let herself pine for him. I chose ‘How Do I Live?’ by LeeAnn Rimes as being a suitable track for this scene title.

Photo of Lee

You can download Richard Liveth Yet Books I and II on Amazon Kindle or print – if you have already read them,please consider posting a review!


Image credit: By Yahoo! Blog  Uploaded by MyCanon (LeAnn Rimes) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Rose’s Playlist (3) – Eternal Flame by The Bangles

Rose still pines for Richard, who is her ‘Eternal Flame’ but she sees a real example when she visits Bosworth Battlefield site, where Richard has emulated the customs he saw on his visit to the future by having an eternal flame burning for the ‘unknown soldier’. It was a great reason to use one of my favourite songs, Eternal Flame by the Bangles, as a scene title.

Click on the link to see the video of the song.

Picture of The Bangles

The books are available on Kindle, Amazon and Blurb



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New Kindle Countdown Offer!

In remembrance of Richard III’s death at the Battle of Bosworth on August 22nd 1485, the last English king to die in battle, both my books about him are available until then for only 99p/99c each!


For the first book, Richard Liveth Yet, click here for UK Kindle and here for US Kindle versions.

Pic of Kindle cover

For the second book, Richard Liveth Yet (Book II): A Foreign Country, click here for UK Kindle and here for US Kindle versions.

And if you enjoy them, please don’t forget to leave a review!

Richard’s Playlist (76) – Halo by Beyonc√©

Rose finally plucks up enough courage to check the internet to see whether Richard survived Bosworth…I won’t give away what she discovers, but see for yourself by downloading the book, ‘Richard Liveth Yet‘ here.¬† The song I chose for this scene is ‘Halo‘ by Beyonc√©

Photo of Beyonce

Image credit:  By Nat Ch Villa [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons.

Richard’s Playlist (75) – Past the Point of Rescue by Hal Ketchum

It is the Battle of Bosworth and Richard has done all he can to try to change the outcome, but he finds his efforts thwarted. Then he sees Henry Tudor separated from the bulk of his army and decides to risk it all on one final throw of the die…

What happens next? Download the e-book ‘Richard Liveth Yet’ for Kindle here:Click!

My choice of scene title is Hal Ketchum’s song, ‘Past the Point of Rescue’. Click link for video.

James Doyle's Battle of Bosworth picture.


Image credit: James William Edmund Doyle [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Richard’s Playlist (74) – You Ruin Me by The Veronicas

Richard is gone and Rose is distraught. How can she ever hope to forget him? The beautiful song by The Veronicas,’You Ruin Me‘ seemed appropriate to illustrate her emotional turmoil and heartbreak. You can find out how she copes in ‘Richard Liveth Yet‘.

Photo of The Veronicas


Image credit:Eva Rinaldi [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia