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My debut novel, ‘Richard Liveth Yet’ was self-published on May 7th 2015 and has been selling well and getting rave reviews!  I have now written two follow-ups, making it a trilogy. Then I was asked if I would like to collaborate on another book: Dickon’s Diaries, which is a humorous take on Richard III.

If you want to write your own novel and self-publish, I will be posting tips and advice as well as updates and blogs about the books and any special offers.

You can buy copies of the books on Kindle by clicking the pictures below and follow the link on Amazon if you prefer a print version.

cover           Pic of Kindle cover            hearts-never-change            Cover of 'Dickon's Diaries'

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8 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. I have read the synopsis for your new book with great interest. I do not have a Kindle but I do have an extensive collection of good books and a deep interest in Richard III. I would love to read your book and wonder if there are any plans afoot to publish a hard copy version? (I would especially like a hardcover.) I, too, have wondered occasionally what Richard would make of life now if he were here. Good luck with your writing career and, if you can publish, I’m sure you would sell well. I would have bought it instantly if I did not have to purchase a Kindle first!


  2. Hi Joanne, I couldn’t believe that somehow w/o really trying I was led to and accidentally found info on your book and 3 or 4 others that have Richard somewhere in them–usually as a main character. I can’t help but wonder how that happened to me–so effortlessly…and I was captivated by the image U have of him. It’s the eyes and a play of humour in his face.
    So many people thinking of him lately–he is just in the consciousness of quite a lot of people. I have to wonder why. And as far as finding his remains–someone was helping from the Other Side. I have been wondering if it was Richard himself–trying to clear up whatever inaccuracies and lies he could.
    Is the book going to be in print? (Or is it now?). It sounds terrific! And available in the US? I am not good w/ buying something using another country’s currency…
    Just a little aside here–I live in Houston, Texas, and ever since I’ve lived here I’ve seen occasionally in society articles the name Tudor. There R people–wealthy philanthropic people–who have that last name here. Didn’t think it was common. Certainly not here.
    You must have enjoyed bringing the characters to life in our time! Can’t wait to read it! Blessings to u.

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    • Hi Flo,
      Thank you for your kind comments – you can get a print copy of Richard Liveth Yet on Blurb at the moment – you can access it via the US website, I’m sure. For some reason this seems to be in Euros, but have a try at your end! If this doesn’t work, I am currently trying to upload it on Amazon, but my Broadband is playing up and I am unable to upload it as it takes a couple of hours and the Broadband keeps cutting out! 😦

      You don’t need a Kindle to use the Kindle App – you can download it for free onto a PC, laptop, iPad, smartphone, etc and it is available on the US Amazon Kindle site, here: US Amazon


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